Coffee Basics: What is Coffee Roasting?


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What is coffee roasting?

Coffee enthusiasts often find themselves captivated by the magic of coffee roasting, a process that transforms ordinary green coffee seeds into flavorful beans that are brewed into great cups of coffee. You might have even asked what is coffee roasting or how coffee roasting works. At Tapestry Coffee, we embrace this transformation with enthusiasm, working with exceptional green coffee to create a diverse and delightful range of roasts.

Understanding Coffee Roasting

Definition and Importance:

Coffee roasting involves the application of various types of heat to induce chemical and physical changes in green coffee. It's a seemingly simple process, but in practice, it requires precision and expertise. The careful application of heat not only caramelizes sugars and browns the coffee but also triggers a cascade of other changes, resulting in a product that is both familiar and pleasantly surprising.

bag of fresh roasted coffee

The Three Types of Heat Transfer in Roasting

Understanding the three fundamental types of heat transfer—conduction, convection, and radiance—is crucial in coffee roasting. At Tapestry Coffee, we leverage all three methods, employing Mill City roasters that emphasize conduction and convection.

The Art of Roasting: Tapestry's Formula

Our approach to roasting follows a simple formula: great green coffee plus the right amount of heat and time equals superbly roasted coffee. This is why we put so much time and focus into our coffee sourcing efforts. We truly work to source the best green coffee possible to make sure we end up with a great end product. Roasting styles vary, impacting flavor through factors like roast intensity, duration, and temperature.

coffee cooling in cooling tray of coffee roaster

Explaining The Steps of Coffee Roasting

1. Initial Drop of Green Coffee into the Drum: The journey of coffee roasting begins with the ceremonious drop of green coffee beans into the roasting drum. This marks the inception of a meticulous process that will unfold the distinct characteristics hidden within each bean.

2. The Turnaround: As the beans commence their dance within the roasting drum, the turnaround is a critical juncture. It signifies the point where the beans start absorbing heat, undergoing the initial transformation from green to the warm tones of yellow.

3. Green to Yellow: The transition from green to yellow is a visually arresting phase in coffee roasting. The beans undergo a significant color change, indicating the activation of chemical reactions within. It's a delicate dance of flavors taking shape.

4. First Crack: The first crack is a defining moment in the roasting process. Audible and exhilarating, it signals the beans' internal structure breaking down. At this point, the sugars caramelize, and the coffee enters a realm of complexity, offering a spectrum of flavors.

5. Drop to the Cooling Tray: As the desired roast level is achieved, the beans make their final descent into the cooling tray. This rapid cooling halts the roasting process, locking in the intricate flavors developed during the journey.

coffee roasting curve

The Meticulous Approach to Coffee Roasting by Tapestry Coffee

Combination of Data and Sensory Testing:

Tapestry Coffee employs a meticulous approach to roasting, combining data-driven analysis with sensory testing. We operate our roaster manually, with human experts overseeing each batch. While our machines provide precise information on heat application and coffee reactions, the nuances of each machine demand the experience and skill of a seasoned roaster.

Differentiating Roast Levels:

We offer a broad range of roast profiles to cater to diverse tastes. Lighter roasts highlight the unique characteristics of the coffee beans, while darker roasts accentuate roast character. Roast levels are evaluated using an Agtron light reflectometer, providing an objective measure of roast darkness. Customers can find the roast level of every coffee on our website, accompanied by specific tasting notes.

Transparency and Customer Assistance in Coffee Roasting

Providing Tasting Notes:

Transparency is a cornerstone of Tapestry Coffee's philosophy. Alongside roast level information, we provide detailed tasting notes for each coffee. Whether it's the dark chocolate and peanut notes of Fringe Blend or the citrusy, honey profile of Abstract, our goal is to guide customers towards their ideal coffee experience.

Helping Customers Discover Their Ideal Coffee:

Understanding that coffee preferences are subjective, we assist our customers in navigating our offerings. By providing roast level details and tasting notes, we empower coffee lovers to make informed choices tailored to their palate.

bag of abstract blend coffee on kitchen counter

In conclusion, coffee roasting is a blend of science and art, and at Tapestry Coffee, we take pride in navigating this intricate dance to produce balanced and intriguing coffees. We invite you to explore the world of coffee roasting with us, where each cup tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to quality. Whether you're a connoisseur or a casual coffee drinker, Tapestry Coffee is here to elevate your coffee experience, one roast at a time.

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