About Tapestry Coffee

Ever been trying to give your hard earned cash in exchange for a good or service and had the thought the staff was just annoyed by your presence? Yeah… us too. In 2021, we sought to create a place where our guests always felt appreciated and cared for. When you walk into Tapestry, you’re not just a transaction, you’re a welcome friend. That means you actually get a human smile and interaction along with your cup of coffee! 

When we opened Tapestry, we strived to create a place that could be a fixture in the overall community of Lakeville whether that meant just a spot to grab a good latte, meet up with friends, or to have a little mini family get together! 

Mission: Creating Connection through Coffee

Started by Brady Heerema, Kiley Van Daalen and Scott Van Daalen, we are an organization founded on the goal of giving guests, partners, and employees an uplifting experience through care and intentionality. Tapestry is a collection of passionate people that love coffee and people. This shapes everything from our wholesale partnerships to our coffee subscriptions and of course our coffee shop!

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