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Minnesota Coffee Subscription




Fully Customizable Coffee Subscriptions

Experience the magic of beginning your day with a steaming cup of coffee – it's not just about the caffeine boost; it's a ritual that sets the tone for the entire day. The act of opening up your coffee, inhaling the exquisite aroma of the beans, and preparing for that perfect brew infuses the morning with vibrancy and tranquility.

However, the idyllic morning can quickly turn gloomy if you find yourself without any coffee. That absence can cast a dull gray hue over what should have been a colorful start. Coffee is a staple, a vital element in every kitchen – a fundamental ingredient for the morning ritual. Ensuring the availability of coffee in your kitchen is a non-negotiable to avoid such somber scenarios.

So, how do you steer clear of such a predicament? The answer lies in the Minnesota Coffee Subscription. Everyone has their own coffee preferences, a unique blend of flavors and characteristics that create the perfect cup. Coffee is an art to be mastered, considering aspects like flavor profiles, country of origin, roast levels, and brewing techniques. A personalized coffee subscription is the solution. It presents a spectrum of choices, enabling you to curate your ideal coffee experience.

These specialized coffee deliveries not only keep your stock replenished but also offer a chance to save money. Embracing a subscription allows you to explore uncharted coffee territories, unveiling flavors you may have never dared to try before. With a Minnesota roasted coffee subscription, you're opening doors to expand your palate, discovering captivating tastes through local blends.

Today, we invite you to acquaint yourself with Tapestry Coffee – one of the finest Minnesota Coffee Roasters. We're your gateway to the best coffee Twin Cities has to offer. So, take a seat, unwind, and let us unravel the story of Tapestry Coffee and its role as a purveyor of exceptional coffee experiences.

Abstract Blend

Abstract is our take on a modern coffee that works great as a mug of coffee and shines on espresso. Abstract is the coffee that we pull on espresso at the coffee shop, and we designed the blend with espresso in mind. As a regularly brewed coffee, the cup has a silky smooth texture reminiscent of honey along with sweet berry notes. On espresso, Abstract has a thick body with lots of sweetness and citrus acidity on the finish. It also works perfectly for brewing cold brew!

Abstract is one of our foundational blends; it is a blend of Colombia Washed Huila and Ethiopia Natural Guji coffees.

Recommended Usage: Cold Brew, Espresso, Filter Coffee

Learn More about Abstract

Loom Blend

Loom is our go-to option for a full bodied, classic cup of coffee. Loom is our primary coffee offering for drip coffee in our coffee shop. We love the pairing of rich chocolate, sweet toffee, and bright acidity!

Loom is one of our foundational blends; currently, it is a blend of Guatemala Huehuetenango, Colombia Washed Huila, and Ethiopia Natural Guji coffees.

Recommended Usage: Drip Coffee, Cold Brew

Learn More about Loom

Fringe Blend

 Fringe is our take on a modern dark roast coffee! Think back to the days of a classic rich, chocolaty cup of coffee, and that is the embodiment of Fringe. On drip, it has a thick body with lots of chocolate goodness with a little jam sweetness on the back end. 

Fringe is a blend of Natural Honduras and Washed Guatemala. 

Recommended Usage: Filter Coffee, Cold Brew

Learn More about Fringe
  • Never Run Out Of Coffee

    Forget about the frantic runs to the grocery store all before you have had your morning cup of coffee!

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    By signing up for a monthly coffee subscription, you cash in on savings on your coffee every month with discounted rates and FREE SHIPPING.

  • Drink Great Coffee

    Coffee delivered right to your doorstep, and it is great coffee... what are you waiting for? You can choose between a number of our blends or single origin offerings!

A coffee subscription is a great way to tap into the world of specialty coffee. It's a monthly service that delivers fresh, roasted coffee beans to your door. With a subscription, you'll never have to worry about running out of coffee again. Plus, you'll be able to try new coffees from all over the world and discover new favorites. Coffee subscriptions are the perfect way to explore the wide world of coffee and find new favorites. So why not give it a try? You just might find that perfect cup of coffee you've been searching for.

- Freshness: All of our coffee is roasted to order! That means we won't roast your coffee until your order comes in each month, so you can be confident that your coffee will be fresh and delicious.

- Variety: With a subscription, you'll never get bored with your coffee. You can log in and swap out your coffee whenever you would like to edit your coffee delivery!

- Convenience: With our monthly coffee subscription, there's no need to waste time waiting in line at the coffee shop. Your monthly shipment of coffee will be delivered right to your door with free shipping.