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700+ Happy Customers

“Love this expresso coffee. I use it in my Expresso machine to make Lattes. This coffee has the best flavor and I enjoy it so much. It gives my Latte a unique taste without adding any syrup. The Best 👌”

Jean Hoschette

Lakeville, MN

"Amazing Coffee of the highest quality. Smooth, bright and complex flavor. We use it to pull shots from our espresso machine and its perfect!"

Ted Sperides

Lakeville, MN

"ABSOLUTELY LOVELY Tapestry coffee is my favorite morning brew. Whether i make it at home in my coffee pot, or visit the shop, it’s sure to make my day better. Everyone I have gifted this coffee to seems to fall in love, and I have peace of mind knowing this coffee is locally brewed and ethically sourced. Thanks, Tapestry!"

Tori Novotny

Cottage Grove, MN

“Best Coffee in MN! The Loom is the best daily blend. I always keep a bag on hand!”

Emily Stange

"Excellent coffee Nice people… great coffee Great service!"

William Smith