Cold Brew Kegs Delivered to Your Office

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Tapestry Coffee is your full-service office cold brew provider for offices and employee lounges, as well as break rooms, corporate centers, reception, and waiting rooms. We offer 5 gallon kegs of cold brew coffee.

At Tapestry Coffee, we understand that great coffee fuels productive workdays. That's why we've curated seamless solutions for offices, ensuring your employees enjoy the finest local, specialty coffee without the hassle.

Tapestry Mug - Tapestry Coffee

Bring Your Company Culture to Life.

Great companies deserve great coffee. Delight your employees and show them you care with an office perk like CWJ Nitro Cold Brew in your office.

Cold Brew Keg - Tapestry Coffee

Attract and Retain Top Talent.

It costs $14,000 to replace an employee on average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Reduce churn and retain top talent with premium office perks, like our Cold Brew. It will be hard to leave when they love the coffee.

Amplify Company Productivity.

"Coffee runs" are so much better when they happen across the office - not across town. By serving our specialty coffee, employees will spend more time in the office (and drinking better coffee).

  • Health Benefits

    Cold brew coffee is far less acidic than hot coffee. More employees enjoy cold brew neat. Less cream and sugar consumption leads to a healthier office environment.


    Perks for retaining existing employees in today’s work environment is key to success. High turnover means spending money and dedicating resources to refilling the same position. Providing a unique and exciting beverage proves the company cares.


    Focus for those afternoon meetings where the team is in a slump and brainpower is being diminished. Restorative properties of caffeine block adenosine receptors that give the brain a boost in energy and focus.


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If this resonates, we would love to be your office cold brew partner!