Elevate Your Office Coffee Experience with Tapestry Coffee: Subscriptions and Cold Brew on Tap!

At Tapestry Coffee, we understand that great coffee fuels productive workdays. That's why we've curated seamless solutions for offices, ensuring your employees enjoy the finest local, specialty coffee without the hassle. Whether you prefer the aromatic charm of freshly brewed drip coffee or the refreshing kick of cold brew, we've got you covered.

Office Coffee Subscriptions: Effortless Excellence

Imagine a workplace where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee greets your team every morning. Our Office Coffee Subscriptions bring this vision to life. With our easy-to-manage subscription service, you can have your favorite Tapestry Coffee blends delivered straight to your office door. What sets us apart?

- Text-to-Order Convenience: Managing your subscription is as easy as sending a text. Change your order, pause deliveries, or edit your preferences effortlessly, all through a simple text message. We understand the demands of your busy office life, and we've simplified the process for you.

- Flexible Sizing Options: From 12 oz bags for individual connoisseurs to 5 lb bags for bustling offices, we offer a range of sizing options to suit your team's needs. Enjoy the same exceptional quality, whether you're a small startup or a large corporation.

- Online Portal: Prefer the online experience? Our user-friendly online portal allows you to customize your orders, track deliveries, and explore new blends. It's coffee management made convenient.


Cold Brew on Tap: Refreshing Simplicity

For those seeking a refreshing twist to the daily grind, our Cold Brew on Tap option is the ultimate solution. Picture your team indulging in crisp, energizing cold brew straight from the tap. Here's why our Cold Brew service stands out:

- 5-Gallon Kegs: Our Cold Brew comes in 5-gallon kegs, ensuring a steady supply of chilled goodness. After the initial setup, it's virtually zero management – just pure, hassle-free enjoyment.

- Rich Flavor, Minimal Effort: Experience the bold, smooth flavors of our Cold Brew without the meticulous preparation. It's the perfect choice for offices where simplicity meets exceptional taste.

At Tapestry Coffee, we're not just providing coffee; we're enhancing your office experience. Elevate your workplace culture, boost productivity, and treat your employees to the delight of Tapestry Coffee.

Ready to transform your office coffee routine? Contact us today to set up your tailored Office Coffee Subscription or Cold Brew on Tap service. Let's make every coffee break a moment of inspiration and refreshment for your team!

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